Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work

Joel Bodenmann

Founder, CEO

Digital communication systems build the backbone of our modern society. For most of us, a world without is hard to imagine. At the same time the complexity grows to a point where it is equally difficult to grasp & understand how these systems function and work together. Our mission is to leverage existing technologies and combining them in a smarter & more efficient way to provide tools & solutions to allow customers of any size building new products based on the most modern technologies.

Tobias Rieder

Founder, CFO

Today's fast paced development cycles make it very difficult for small & medium sized companies to keep up with the bigger players. This creates a gap between large corporations and regular businesses hindering the transfer of technology & knowledge between research and market segments. Our business is focused on providing means to make the ever-growing complexity of technical systems available in a manageable form to any customer without creating dependencies or selling subscriptions.


Our offices are designed to encourage our team to think outside of the box.

To implement our vision, we put a lot of efforts in ensuring that we heave tools available that do not necessarily impact or daily business. While we are mainly a software focused company, we provide our team with access to many different tools & machines such as various 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC mills, IT sandboxes and others. This provides an environment that fosters our team to try out new technologies and play around with innovative & crazy ideas without the pressure of creating a product that focuses on return of investment or any other business constructs that tend to hinder innovation.