Use Cases

We provide unique software solutions for your machines and industrial applications. These solutions often need to be developed individually. Every aspect of Simulton is designed in pursuit of performance and reliability. Our software engineers have a vast experience when it comes to C/C++ development and implementation of custom-made software solutions.


Wherever technology and human inventive qualities come together new data is being generated - A pillar for any successful application.
Smart infrastructure connects intelligent power grids, buildings and industrial plants to improve the way we live & work.

Smart Energy

Smart energy systems supports industry and corporations to work efficiently & responsibly by providing intelligent energy management & monitoring systems.
We execute this both in small and large scale by using interconnected, digital offerings & services as well as products, components and systems.

Industrial Automation

We offer manufacturers a broad amount of functionalities & flexibility for industrial automation. Our products offer customizable solutions for modern manufacturing structures and technologies.
This provides you with all the modules required for a successful and efficient manufacturing control system - Directly from one source. Manufacturing data can be analyzed automatically to provide the best insights into the manufacturing process performance.


Industry 4.0 and global distribution make supply chains more complex than ever. At the same time, enterprises are pressured to produce even faster at even better quality while maintaining a reliable supply chain.
The customer expectations are high - both in B2B and B2C situations. With Simulton you have a tool at your disposal which supports your processes and the daily recurring tasks. Manage all your distribution channels with respect to storage maintenance & mutations as well as purchase ordering processing.

Process Automation

Simulton supports you with all your existing and future processes.
Digitalization adds transparency the data we interact with daily. Simulton provides a way to connect existing systems, automate recurring tasks and efficiently analyzing data in a modern, fast and save way to minimize human error.

Business Automation / RPA

Use Simulton to control any number of processes of any kind from the front to the back office - No matter the complexity.
Simulton provides a scalable solution to deploy and manage an automatic workforce. Release management, central logging, reporting, auditing & surveillance, remote control, planning, load management and asset management.


Use Simulton to collect, integrate & analyze data based on common and custom algorithms to get better insights for strategy planning. Our performance-oriented solution is able to deal with large amounts of data without any compromises. Handle real time data to react to market changes to stay ahead of the competition.
Connect hundreds of data sources and bring your data to life with live dashboards and reports. Design continuous processes and increase business intelligence.

Data Acquisition

Data acquisition tends to involve a lot of different systems while the requirements ask for a simple, flexible, precise and reliable solution.
Simulton's core expertise lies in connecting data acquisition, mining & analysis with direct integration into business know-how and IT processes.

Building Automation

Collect, integrate & analyze various building automation data in an easy, reliable and inexpensive way to improve the efficiency of new or existing building automation system.
Use Simulton to extend existing building automation systems and connecting various systems together to implement an even smoother, more efficient solution with less hassle.

Signal Processing

Use Simulton during all development stages to build proof-of-concept systems quickly, generate, sample & retrieve data to perform performance analysis with real-time capabilities at hand.
Simulton helps you analyze signals using built-in apps for visualizing and preprocessing signals in time, frequency, and time-frequency domains to detect patterns and trends without having to manually write code.