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Simulton Swiss Made Automation Software.

Connecting Systems

These days we're so used to have specific software solutions to cover all of our personal & professional needs. The Simulton software provides a common software basis to connect and automate all those existing solutions.


They let you do things you simply can’t with other software. Plugins are easy to add and remove and don't clutter the user interface.


The core application provides a simple tiling window manager where each plugin can publish its own content.


Simulton doesn't enforce anything on you. Instead we offer a solution to connect existing solutions & automate workflows.

Yet another?

You're thinking: "Yet another software"? Simulton allows to easily connect existing systems & software without any lock-in.

Concept of digitalizing analog work

How it works

The Simulton software provides a well designed software base that can be used as a common fundament for any application from private projects up to entire industrial IT systems. The process plugin allows to easily model & automate reoccuring tasks. Even simple tasks just as copying a few files can be easily automated within minutes by just connecting blocks.

Simulton Software on mac pro with macos

Use something you like

Professionals require a lot from their software. But each person has different needs. Simulton offers flexibility on a whole new level, so why should it run on just one operating system?

Got a minute? Check out screenshots!

Simulton offers way too much flexibility and modularity to explain everything in words.

Simulton process plugin after start-up