An enhanced way to practice firearms training

Kayro Tα is a data-driven approach to master firearms. For individuals, a shooting coach in the format of a module and an app who assists you to progress at your own pace at any time and any place. For instructors, more focus on security and a tool for monitoring students’ progression.

Thanks to Simulton GmbH, we got able to develop a better way to practice firearms training and more importantly, a safer way.
Mikael Martins, Co-Founder Kayro GmbH

Attached to a firearm, each motion is analyzed, from the moves to the holstering without missing the shooting step. Kayro Tα detects each movement, shot, trigger pull, and firearm handling. Multiple algorithms identify areas of improvement and provide you a score, precision, and specific coaching. From one training to the next, Kayro Tα keeps track of your shooting. You can check your progress, trends and set goals for the next session directly from a smartphone or tablet.