Zigbee Gateway Hardware PCB Development

The product design includes a housing made of real wood, a coated glass cover and the internal structure of the device. The IoT gateway belongs to a product family made up of various smart home devices (sensors, actuators, visualization). As a central element of the automation system, the device is located in the customer's living room and should not only be visually justifiable, but also represent the values of the brand.

On behalf of the customer, Simulton took care of the concept work, a feasibility study (including production) and the supervision of series production.

The customer's key criteria were:

  • Aesthetics (Size, Optics, Appearance)
  • Eco Friendly (Made out of local wood in Switzerland)
  • Brand Representation (New Materials like Glass and Wood)

The processing qualities of walnut wood are excellent. Overall, it is heavy, dimensionally stable wood that does not warp and, thanks to its hardness, is very durable and resistant to wear and tear. Walnut is used in instrument making, for rifle stocks or as parquet.