The process plugins provides a multidude of blocks of various domains which can be used within the same process without any limitations. Unlike our competition, there's no limitation of which blocks you can use together in the same process. You feel like mixing blocks for financial analysis with blocks for building automation? Not a problem! There's literally no limit of which things you can connect within a process.

Check out our block library to learn more about the available blocks.

Process Example Picture

Easy to use

The process editor user interface has been designed with ease of use in mind. Simply drag'n'drop a block from the blocks library to the process canvas and connect it up with other blocks. Hover pop-ups are used wherever possible to provide the user with the most important information quickly.

Drag and Drop Process Editor

Data Inspection

Any data point within the process can be inspected using various tools such as plots and tables.

Inspection can happen either in real-time or after a process completed.

Syntax Highlighting

Under The Hood

The process plugin fully separates the editor / GUI components from the logic while still providing a seamless integration towards the user.

Block diagrams drawn by the user are stored as regular XML files and can be executed by the process engine at any time on any device.

The process engine is a native modern C++ application that can run on virtually any system without external dependencies. We spent a great amount of efforts on ensuring unrivalled performance.

Source Code of Process Blocks